• spf0589-21k Rear Sway Bar Mount To Axle Bushing

Rear Sway Bar Mount To Axle Bushing

Manufacturer: SuperPro
Part Number: spf0589-21k


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  • Measure bar diameter14,16,18,19,20,21,22,24,25,27mm available
  • Sway Bar Mount To Axle Bushing
  • Kits Required Per Vehicle: 1

  • In the box:
  • From the 1st of February 2013 the SuperPro warranty becomes a Lifetime Warranty with no exclusions.
    This means that if a SuperPro product fails, ever, we will replace the product free of charge.
    With SuperPros technical superiority in material, design and manufacture a lifetime warranty with no exclusions for off-road, track and competition use is a guarantee we can make with complete confidence.
    Our goal is to make SuperPro the only choice of suspension bushings for repair, off-road and performance applications in the mind of workshops and consumers.

Fitment for spf0589-21k
COMMODORE VB, VC, VH, VK, VL - 1978-1988
COMMODORE VN-VP Sedan & Wagon - 1988-1993
COMMODORE VR-VS Sedan & Wagon - 1993-1997
COMMODORE VR-VS Ute - 1993-2000
CLUBSPORT VN-VP - 1988-1993
CLUBSPORT VR-VS - 1993-1997
COMMODORE VB, VC, VH, VK, VL - 1978-1989
COMMODORE VN-VP - 1988-1993
GRANGE VR-VS - 1993-1997
GTS VR-VS - 1993-1997
MALOO VB, VC, VH, VK, VL - 1978-1989
MALOO VN-VP - 1988-1993
MALOO VR-VS - 1993-1997
MANTA VR-VS - 1993-1997
SENATOR VN-VP - 1988-1993
SENATOR VR-VS - 1993-1997